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Åre, also known as “the jewel of the Swedish mountains” is the largest contiguous ski resort north of the Alps. The many bars, restaurants and shops in the Åre town centre have helped make Åre an extremely popular destination for both young and old, as well as beginners and experienced skiers.

Apart from the genuinely fantastic skiing and snowboarding, Åre provides an endless variety of other activities: take part in dog sledding, a snowmobile safari or go paragliding for an aerial view of Åre.

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We can offer almost any of the accommodation in Åre. We advise you to stay in the Åre town centre or in Åre Björnen, “the children’s paradise”. The centre offers steeper pistes, more bars, restaurants and shops, and is therefore somewhat livelier. Björnen is more suited to beginners and children.

You can ski back and forth from the Åre town centre to Åre Björnen. There is also a ski bus that travels a number of times each day between both villages.

Would you like to know more about the Åre skiing resort in Sweden? Then please contact us, at no obligation, at info@scandinaviandreams.eu

  • The largest contiguous ski resort (110 pistes)
  • Skiing/snowboarding and cross-country skiing
  • Arrive by air
  • Child-friendly
  • Many fun activities

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