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Geilo is situated close to the Hardangervidda, a fabulous area for cross-country skiing and the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe. Geilo is a typical Norwegian destination that provides an unforgettable winter sport experience for all visitors!

Next to a variety of ski slopes for beginners and advanced skiers and great bars and restaurants, Geilo is a true children’s paradise. The perfect destination for young and old and for beginners and the more experienced skiers.

Would you like more information about the Geilo ski area in Norway? Please, contact us on +31 411 212 515 or info@scandinaviandreams.eu

  • One of the oldest ski resorts (45 pistes)
  • Skiing/snowboarding and cross-country skiing
  • Arrive by boat or by air
  • Child-friendly
  • Close to the largest mountain plateau in Europe

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